Wondering how you can kickstart your amazing journey as an FASS student? Want to mark your first experience as an Arts Freshman an absolutely memorable one? Arts Camp is the camp for you!

At Arts Camp, you will embark on a whole new adventure you’ve never experienced before in your past orientation camps. Each day will be filled with fun-packed activities such as station games, team activities, wet games and the highly-anticipated Beach games! Be prepared to sweat buckets, laugh loads and cheer your hearts out as you give your best in winning the victory for your house!

Yet, Arts Camp isn’t all about competing to win – it is a platform for you to forge friendships of a lifetime and bask in the spirit of togetherness as all four houses gather to make memories as a united OneArts! ☺

Arts Camp will be an experience of a lifetime, don’t miss out on it! What better way to start your semester than with a group of friends you’ve been through thick and thin, laughter and tears, and sand and sea?


For more details, visit us at our Arts Camp Facebook page or contact us at [email protected] ☺

Additionally, if you need an overview of the various other orientation programmes FASS has in store for you, do drop by our FASS Freshmen Orientation Projects page 🙂

Arts Camp Dates: 24 – 27 June 2019