Formerly known as Arts Bash, the pageant brand, now rebranded as Arts Mode, represents the art of fashion significant to all of us – aspiring models and freshmen alike. Our revamp signifies a brand new trajectory we have taken – to inspire fashion and style in not only Mode contestants, but also the ordinary freshman. No one is left out on this FASShionable experience! ☺

Arts Mode is a popular annual pageant contest. Each year, several contestants are selected to participate, and the crowned Arts Queen and King will be the representatives of the faculty. Mode is a great platform for aspiring models to kickstart their career and gain experience, as contestants get to work alongside makeup artists and don renowned fashion brands.

Feel like Mode isn’t for you? Don’t like being in the spotlight? That’s fine too! The Mode experience isn’t all about the contestants – ANYONE can have a blast here! The lineup of fun-filled activities is open to EVERYONE. You can support your friends and witness them accomplish multiple milestones throughout their Mode journey. You can come down to the contest to cheer your friends on and watch the show, and even vote for your favourite contestant! Not only that, you can be a part of the finale party and soak in all the joy and fun with your friends!

Coming down for Mode is best way for you to end your Orientation experience with a bang – nothing beats seeing your friends’ effort come to fruition and celebrating how far you’ve come on this amazing Orientation journey, with the company of new and old friends alike.

So come on board and take the final leap of your Orientation journey with us!

For more details, check us out on Instagram or contact us at [email protected]!

Additionally, if you need an overview of the various other orientation programmes FASS has in store for you, do drop by our FASS Freshmen Orientation Projects page

Arts Mode Event Date: 14 August 2019