If you want to take part in a sports competition and make more friends in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the same time, Arts Open 2018 may just be the event for you!

Arts Open is an inter-major sports events open only to the students and staff of FASS. It is an event that was revitalized in 2015 by the Sports Committee in FASS Club to foster stronger bonds between students of FASS. Last year, 12 teams each representing different majors in FASS took part in four different sports: street soccer, basketball, captain’s ball and dodgeball. Anyone with an inclination towards or a passion in sports is encouraged to sign up!

Attractive prizes, a chance to bring honour to your major and boasting rights are also all part of the appeal of the Arts Open!

For those who are unable to participate as a sporting representative, support your major by coming down to encourage and cheer on our friends!

Anyone from FASS who is interested can visit the individual websites for the respective majors, or sign up at:

For more information about the Arts Open, visit our Official FASS IFG page on Facebook: