It’s one week till school begins! As you gear up for your first ever semester in school, are you feeling lost? Don’t know anyone in the same major as you? Are you afraid of being awkward when school starts? Or maybe, you’ve heard about the friendships formed in Arts Camp and are regretting that lost opportunity. Well, fret not! Here is O’Week!

Look forward to many activities in O’Week specially designed to build the bond between you and your fellow FASS mates! There’ll be games where you get sweaty and dirty, mass games where you fight for your house’s glory, and we’ll even hang out at the beach for a day. All in all, we promise a whole load of fun, friendship, and OneArts family!

Not only do we have fun-filled programmes every day, O’week also provides you the chance to build friendships with your friendly seniors and ask all the questions you want to ask. We’ll link you up with seniors of your major and like-minded friends, teach you how to bid for modules, what CCAs to join, where the best food on campus is, etc. Go ahead and grab those suppers! Over the course of the camp, we’ll share advice, but also water, sunblock, food and lots of love with you. (aww!)

So COME, JOIN US NOW. We look forward to starting your university journey with you ^^
Stay connected to us at our O’Week Facebook page or contact us at [email protected]!

Additionally, if you need an overview of the various other orientation programmes FASS has in store for you, do drop by our FASS Freshmen Orientation Projects page 🙂

Arts O’Week Dates: 20th July – 23rd July 2019