Arts Halloween

FASS club is hosting Arts Halloween 2017! Share the love and joy with your friends when you sign-up at our booth along AS1 walkway. There, you will be given 2 cards, one for you to write something…


Arts Flag

When we say ‘Flag’, it’s easy to think of holding tins and asking for coins on Flag Day… But here in FASS, we do it differently. Arts Flag is part of the NUSSU annual RAG-And-Flag…



Picking out outfits for school can be so difficult. “What should I wear today? What will make me feel good? Who will I see? Has anyone seen me in this before? Why is the weather…

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Food Hunt

Have you ever been café-hopping? Do you jump at the chance to try yummy food at amazing prices? Want to make more friends? If your answer to any of the questions is a yes, come…



Don’t want to go for lectures alone? Trying to find a lunch buddy? Or you just simply want to make more friends?   ARTSFriend is the programme for you! First introduced in 2015, ARTSFriend is…


Welfare Week

Welfare Pack distribution is happening next week! Expect a plethora of snacks and goodies that will fuel and fill you up for the weeks of studying ahead. There will also be booths at the distribution…


FASS Guardians

Hello to all incoming FASS freshies! Worried that you will get lost in school? Feeling confused about bidding modules?  Don’t worry, our friendly FASS seniors are here to help!  Sign up for FASS Guardians to…


Arts Rag Camp

Don’t have anything planned for this summer? Looking for something meaningful to do while waiting for school to start? Have the desire to forge lasting friendships and make good memories? Well look no further, we…


Arts Mode

Formerly known as Arts Bash, the pageant brand, now rebranded as Arts Mode, represents the art of fashion significant to all of us – aspiring models and freshmen alike. Our revamp signifies a brand new…

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Arts Orientation Week

It’s one week till school begins! As you gear up for your first ever semester in school, are you feeling lost? Don’t know anyone in the same major as you? Are you afraid of being…


Arts Camp

Wondering how you can kickstart your amazing journey as an FASS student? Want to mark your first experience as an Arts Freshman an absolutely memorable one? Arts Camp is the camp for you! At Arts…


Inter-Faculty Games

The Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) is an annual sports event held by the NUS Students’ Sports Club, with 10 NUS Faculties and the Yale-NUS college competing in up to 25 different sports for the Tan Chorh Chuan…

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