The NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club


The NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club, otherwise known as FASS Club, is a constituent club of the National University of Singapore’s Student Union (NUSSU). Established in 1980, the club represents the interests of the almost-6000 strong student body in FASS. Run by students for students, we aim first and foremost to create and implement initiatives for the benefit of FASS students in the areas of welfare, student life, student identity and academics. The club also serves to bridge the gap between students and the FASS Deanery, and we seek to promote an environment whereby the school staff, students and student leaders can work hand in hand to build the best and most fulfilling university experience possible.

The current Management Committee in AY2016/2017 is the 37th Management Committee of the FASS Club.


To be a representative student body acting in the interests of students and the club, with pride and integrity.

Core Values

Unity, Accountability, Identity


To safeguard student welfare by being the bridge between the faculty and students through spearheading of initiatives and services.
To promote active learning and people development of students through project planning.
To foster a sense of community within the faculty through the building of a common corporate identity.