The NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club

The FASS Club is made up of more than 6000 Arts and Social Sciences students in NUS. As the body of student leadership in NUS FASS, the FASS Club Management Committee (MC) and her leaders organise events throughout the year. With a rich suite of engaging initiatives, FASS Club aims to facilitate the creation of a cohesive and empowering community of leaders through stronger student, faculty and alumni engagement.


The NUS Students’ Arts & Social Sciences Club champions 3 things:

1) Student Welfare – We hope to enhance your stay and experience in NUS FASS through events and programmes, listen to your concerns through various feedback channels, and provide you with the best NUS environment that we can.


2) Learning and Personal Growth – We hope to provide you opportunities to cultivate your own

growth with our different project ideas, events and programmes.


3) The FASS Identity – We hope to maintain our unique brand that the world has come to know us by, and stand out from other faculties with our diverse and immensely interesting nature.


We would like to welcome all FASS students to join the group to receive updates and event news.


Organisation Mission/Vision

Our mission is to add value to the FASS community through engaging and empowering opportunities, a beacon of inspiration.


One united FASS community that is passionate about their future, participate, contribute and empower others through all aspects of life.


Organisation Objective(s)

We do everything with Love
We seek Continuous Improvement
We build as a Team