VOX is Latin for ‘sound’. It is a music festival you can look forward to every year as immensely talented bands and singers from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and play you awesome music.

VOX provides musically inclined student the opportunity to develop and showcase their musical talents, be it as a group or as an individual. At the same time, VOX also seeks to promote the appreciation of local music among the student body.

2016 will be the third time that VOX is held. It has seen many great bands take the stage, including the talented and well-known local musician Inch Chua as a guest performer in 2015. Some acts that have performed include Take Two, After One, Threshold, Three-fifty-nine, The Yeheks and more. All FASS acts have to go through a round of audition for the chance to perform at VOX.

VOX also brings together students who are passionate about the music industry, and who wish to take their skills to the next level. This means you’ll get to meet people who share the same interests and goals in music as you do! Who knows, you might even decide to collaborate with them in the future!

Above all, VOX is absolutely free. If you like good music (and we are sure you do), bring along your friends and enjoy a night full of groovy tunes belted out by great musicians, surely the best way to spend an evening under the stars.

This year, the theme is “MAGIC”. For more information on VOX WIZARD, check out FASS VOX Music Festival on Facebook!